Wednesday, October 7, 2015

A few good deals

There are a few good deals going on that might be worth your time. Check them out!

Visa Checkout free $10 credit. 1) Create a new visa checkout account, 2) add your Chase Slate credit card (if you have one) and in 1-2 billing cycles you will get your free $10 credit. This took me 3 minutes to do. No purchase required. Limited to first 90k people. Ends Oct 31st, 2015.

Sams Club - Free membership...if you are pregnant or have a child under 1 years old. Call this number 1-888-746-7726, choose option #2 and then tell the representative you are calling for the New Mom membership offer. Warning: you may have to be on the phone for a while:(

Discover 20%+ off all purchases (up to 10k) when you use Apple Pay - I wrote about this a couple of weeks ago. You need 1) An apple device that can do Apple Pay, 2) A Discover credit card. This promotion goes until the end of the year, so there is still plenty of time to apply for a new discover card if you don't have one yet. Terms say that gift cards are excluded, but we'll see if that is actually the case. Still a good option for some extra savings during the holidays. Here's a list of stores that accept Apple Pay. You'll have to think about how you could use this offer...there are potentially very large savings here. However, DON"T get a credit card if it's going to make you spend more money:)

Coinbase - Free $10. 1) Sign-up for Coinbase using this link and then 2) fund the account with $100. Once the transaction goes through (about 1 week), you will be credited $10. Coinbase is a brokerage for bitcoin. Bitcoins are basically virtual currency that can be exchanged for most currencies in the world. There is a small fee when you buy/sell bitcoins, if the Bitcoin price stayed the same, you would make closer to $9. In the time it takes for your transaction to go through, the value of the bitcoin could go up or down just like the stock market. When I got mine, I sold the bitcoins the same day that the order went through. I wouldn't recommend holding onto your bitcoins once the transaction goes through. Just sell them.

These few deals don't take that long to do and could save/make you a nice bit of change. It's the little things that add up!



  1. IT is always nice to score free money. Bitcoins seem to be gaining in international popularity. We will see if it is going to change how the flow of money is transferred. Thanks for the referrals.

    1. I love getting any good deal I come across. It adds up over time. Personally, I don't believe in using or investing in Bitcoins right now. It's a loosing strategy to invest in currency, but I'll take the free $10!

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