Tuesday, October 27, 2015

IPO's will soon be Available through Motif.com

IPO's Will Soon Be Available via Motif

I've previously written about the great opportunity of IPO's and everything you need to know about IPO's.

There are now 2 online companies that make IPO allocations available to the general public:

  1. Loyal3 
  2. Motif

I think that it's awesome that the general public now has opportunities to get IPO allocations. Motif.com is now making IPO's available through their platform for FREE. It appears that it will be very similar to Loyal3's platform. Motif may even have more IPO opportunities then Loyal3 as they are partnering with JP Morgan, which is one of the largest banks that brokers IPO allocations.

Who Cares?

Well, getting in on IPO allocations can be a great way to get a big jump in your investment short term. Here is my past experience with IPO's:

  • LendingClub (LC) -  $3,750 investment increased by 70%+ on day 1
  • Store (STOR) - $2,666 investment increased by 8%+ on day 1
  • Blue Buffalo (BUFF) - $4,300+ investment increased by 30%+ on day 1
  • GoDaddy (GDDY) - $7,800 investment increased by 30% on day1
  • First Data (FDC) - $20,000 investment decreased by 0.12% on day 1

Note: The above are a combination of 2 Loyal3 accounts. Some of these stocks are now in the negative. There certainly is risk in any investment and you shouldn't invest any money that you would be willing to lose or that you need. 

If you want to learn more about IPO's and my strategy for buying IPO's, read the article listed above.

Possible upcoming IPOs:


So What Do You Do Now?

  1. Sign up to Loyal3's IPO notification newsletter. Once you get a notification, reserve the max amount you can. You willl then have about a week to look into the investment further and decide if you want go through with it or not. If you do, then make sure the funds are available. If you do not want to invest, then don't fund your account or cancel your reservation. But, if you want to have the opportunity, you need to make a reservation as soon as you get the notification because allocations usually go fast.
  2. Motif - Same thing. First open up an account. Next sign up for their IPO email notification. Jump on the chance to reserve an IPO as soon as you get a notification. Research and decide if you want to go through with the reservation in the next few days. Bonus: Motif is actually pretty cool and right now you can get a $100 bonus when you open an account, fund it with a $1,000 and make a trade ($9.99) = Free $90 bucks! You have to use this link to get that bonus though. You could even make a trade and sell it right away if you did not want to keep the money in stocks.


Loyal3 First Data (FDC) IPO BUST

Loyal3 First Data (FDC) IP Bust

This past week I invested $20,000 in getting IPO share allocations of First Data (FDC) via Loyal3 trading platform. Up until this point, EVERY IPO that has been made available via Loyal3 has had a positive return on DAY 1....Until now.
It wasn't a huge loss, but it was a loss. It started up over 1%, but then quickly sank below the $16 IPO price. My strategy when purchasing IPO's is to sell the same day it goes, public unless I really, really like the stock. Whether it goes up or down, I am committed to sell on day one.
By the time the Loyal3 sell order went through the price was $15.92, so I lost just under $100 on this deal. It could have been worse, so I'm okay with the $100 loss. The risk/reward is usually worth it when purchasing IPO's.

Lesson's Learned when buying IPO's via Loyal3:

  • If the IPO is available on Loyal3 for a long time (a day or longer) then, that may mean there might NOT be strong interest in the stock. First Data (FDC) was available for a full day and the hotter IPO's usually will be unavailable within a couple hours.
  • If the price for the IPO is set lower then the price range initially given, this might also be another warning sign. You would think that it's a good thing if the price is set lower, but I think this is actually signaling lower interest in the stock, which will then NOT have as much hype and "pop" when it goes public. The price is set the day before the stock goes public. For First Data, the price range was listed on the prospectus as $18-$20. The final price set the day before going public was $16.
*These are just my personal observation

First Data (FDC), has been up and down $16 since it's IPO, but I'm still glad I sold on day one. I feel the risk of staying in with a company I don't have interest in is not worth the risk. This is just my strategy. Although, there is the school of thought that you should never invest in a stock, even for a minute, that you are not willing to keep for the long term (3+ years).

Even though First Data was a failure for me, I still think there is tremendous opportunity in acquiring IPO's.

What has been your IPO experience?


Wednesday, October 7, 2015

A few good deals

There are a few good deals going on that might be worth your time. Check them out!

Visa Checkout free $10 credit. 1) Create a new visa checkout account, 2) add your Chase Slate credit card (if you have one) and in 1-2 billing cycles you will get your free $10 credit. This took me 3 minutes to do. No purchase required. Limited to first 90k people. Ends Oct 31st, 2015.

Sams Club - Free membership...if you are pregnant or have a child under 1 years old. Call this number 1-888-746-7726, choose option #2 and then tell the representative you are calling for the New Mom membership offer. Warning: you may have to be on the phone for a while:(

Discover 20%+ off all purchases (up to 10k) when you use Apple Pay - I wrote about this a couple of weeks ago. You need 1) An apple device that can do Apple Pay, 2) A Discover credit card. This promotion goes until the end of the year, so there is still plenty of time to apply for a new discover card if you don't have one yet. Terms say that gift cards are excluded, but we'll see if that is actually the case. Still a good option for some extra savings during the holidays. Here's a list of stores that accept Apple Pay. You'll have to think about how you could use this offer...there are potentially very large savings here. However, DON"T get a credit card if it's going to make you spend more money:)

Coinbase - Free $10. 1) Sign-up for Coinbase using this link and then 2) fund the account with $100. Once the transaction goes through (about 1 week), you will be credited $10. Coinbase is a brokerage for bitcoin. Bitcoins are basically virtual currency that can be exchanged for most currencies in the world. There is a small fee when you buy/sell bitcoins, if the Bitcoin price stayed the same, you would make closer to $9. In the time it takes for your transaction to go through, the value of the bitcoin could go up or down just like the stock market. When I got mine, I sold the bitcoins the same day that the order went through. I wouldn't recommend holding onto your bitcoins once the transaction goes through. Just sell them.


These few deals don't take that long to do and could save/make you a nice bit of change. It's the little things that add up!


Monday, October 5, 2015

Cheapest Place to Buy Colored Contact Lenses for Halloween

Okay, so you want to have a sweet costume for Halloween...what better way to stand out with your constume then to have red, green, blue, yellow, pink black contact lenses. It's one of the easiest ways to make your constume look sweet. Heck, you could just wear the contacts alone and call yourself a vampire and it would be cool.

Alight, so this post is really about WHERE you can get these contacts for the CHEAPEST or best price. Because in reality, there are tons of companies that sell colored halloween contact lenses and they are all the same product. So I put in the time to research all all the companies to figure out where we can buy the best/cheapest contacts.

Here are the results:

Buy Halloween Costume Contact Lenses
ACLens.com $43.42

Halloweencolorcontacts-depot.com - $47

LensDirect.com - $47.90

Lens4vision.com - $49.99

America's Best Contacts - $69.98

So clearly ACLens.com is the winner. Enjoy your halloween!

Other notes:

  • You are supposed to have a prescription from an eye doctor even if you want "plano" or contacts without correction. Although some have reported getting an order filled without a prescription by simply filling in the prescription form.
  • Costume ideas: Vampire, zombie, walking dead, hulk, wolf,

Let me know in the comments if you know of other cheaper places to get Halloween colored contacts.


Cheapest Place to get Contact Lenses?

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