Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Free $40 for Filing My Taxes

REDcard prepaid by American Express will actually pay you $20 to have your tax refund deposited into their account.

Recently I wrote about an easy way to manufactured spend using REDcard.

This is another an added bonus to having a REDcard. Not only was I able to have my State and Federal taxes done for free, but I actually made $40 this year.  Sweet! Here's how:

 When you file your taxes, you are also given the option to split your refund into up to 3 different accounts. So I had part of my refund go to my wife's REDcard (aka Redbird) prepaid account and the other part go into my REDcard prepaid account.

Friday, February 6, 2015

Buying Visa or Mastercard Gift Cards with a Credit Card

Recently I described the easiest ways to manufacture spend. Once you have read that article and mastered the technique described (it's really not that hard) you may be ready for this article. This method of manufacture spending does take more time and understanding.

I will give all the details in this article. You may want to bookmark this post and refer back to it until you get a hang of how it works.

The Method:

The whole idea behind this method is to buy Visa or Mastercard debit gift card with a credit card. Then to use those gift cards to liquidate them back into a prepaid bank account (Serve, Bluebird, or Target Redcard). Once you have the gift cards liquidated into your prepaid bank account you can pay your bills, mortgage, or simple have the funds withdrawn into your bank account.

So it looks like this:
Visa Gift Card to Cash

Why Even do this?

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