Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Free Stuff - Small Business Saturday

STAY TUNED for the next SBS this November. Registration will probably open some time in October. 


Every year American Express runs a promotion on the Saturday after Thanksgiving called "Small Business Saturday". This year that falls on November 29th. You MUST REGISTER your card before you use it on Small Business Saturday. Registration for that begins on NOV 11th and it can fill up so doing it sooner than later is best. I'll post a link on Nov. 16th to where you register your cards, so check back then!

What is Small Business Saturday?

American Express will credit your credit card account $10 when you make a purchase at a small business for at least $10. You can do this 3 times with each credit card you have. So it's essentially free money! Now there's a strategy behind getting the most out of this promotion.

Where does it work?

Small businesses! Take a look at this map for participating locations. My area shows about 100 restaurants, 50 services, etc in the area that are participating. Last year I redeemed for gift certificates at Cold Stones (not eligible this year), a local pizza place, and another restaurant. I like the restaurants the best for sure.

The Strategy

The purchases have to be on Saturday November 29th for the promotion to work. Well, if you want to maximize the promotion the best thing to do is go to a small business that sells GIFT CERTIFICATES  that can be used at that store or restaurant. That way you can purchase gift cards in $10 increments so 1) you end up not spending anything and 2) you can go to the store or restaurant in the future whenever you want.

I have about 10 AMEX credit cards between me and my wife. So each of those cards can get up to $30 in credits ($10 x 3). That's up to $300 in free gift certificates I plan on getting! So this is what I will do when I go to my pizza joint:

I'll ask for a gift certificate for $50 in gift certificates. Then I'll tell them I want to "split" the amount on 5 different cards ($10 on each). If you feel uncomfortable splitting on that many cards do a smaller amount like $20 or $30. The small business don't care though because they are getting your business! (small business saturday doesn't cost them anything). There you go, a free $50 in certificates! Then I'll do this at another restaurant until I have used all my cards

Don't have an American Express Card? or only have 1 or 2?

You still have time to get one before Small Business Saturday

Here are a couple of my favorite cards

AMEX SPG - you can get a nice 25,000 bonus and the annual fee of $65 is waived the first year.

AMEX Everyday - you can get a 10,000 bonus and there is NO annual fee.

Of course there are many other cards available. 

Another way to get more out of this promotion is to add "Authorized users" to your existing accounts. You can add as many authorized users as you want and each authorized user can get up to $30 from the promotion. 

Questions? Have fun getting free stuff!


  1. Well dang, I wish I knew about this last year. I'll have to try and remember to take advantage of it this year.

    Fred | O'Malley Hansen Communications

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