Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Cereal Deals - $$$ and Movies

Cereal boxes have some fun deals every once in a while. Usually, it's for worthless toys, once in a blue moon, there are actually some pretty awesome deals. Over a year ago, I was able to get free movie tickets for a year!

Right now there are a couple of cereal box deals that are noteworthy.

1. Free digital copy of 1 of 12 movies by General Mills on specially marked boxes. 

What do you have to do?
A: Buy 2 specially marked boxes with the displayed deal...maybe your grocery store has it maybe not...you'll have to check it out at your local store. 

Which Movies?

Friday, July 18, 2014

Cheap (but quality) AAA and AA batteries!


This deal is good through the end of the month (7/31/14)

You can get 72 AAA or 72 AA Sony Stamina Plus batteries for only $15.99 right now on Groupon.com. I usually don't post too many groupon.com deals, but this is actually a really good deal that EVERYONE could use. The total price after shipping and tax is $20.98 (you can avoid paying shipping by adding sets of batteries to your cart), still very worth it...So basically these batteries are 1/2 the cost you will find else where.

These are selling for $42.99 on Amazon.com

So if you need to stock up on some batteries, now is a great time. Plan for the future!...these batteries will last through 2024! Will come in handy for your games, toys, and especially flash lights when the world comes to an end!

What good deals have you found on groupon.com lately? Would you like if I posted more groupon.com deals?....most deals are not for everyone, but every one in a while deals like this pop up that would be useful for everyone.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Cow Appreciation Day is Back!

Get some FREE Chik-fil-A this Friday, July 11th for Cow appreciation day. My first time to Chik-Fil-A was on Cow Appreciation Day and now I love it!

HERE are the details

  • You get a Full meal (sandwich, fries, drink) if you wear a full outfit. 
  • You get a free entree if you wear anything to do with a cow.

It's very easy to dress like a cow to get a free meal. I have black scrubs and I just taped white paper spots on and they gave me a free full meal. Look at the FAQ's on the bottom of their page for more easy ideas. They even give you a page you can print to make your own costume out of paper.

  1. Start with items that you already have at home - cow-printed accessories stashed in your closet will work perfectly. Hats, vests, scarves, neckties, pants, shoes, pajamas - just about any cow-spotted item will work. Just make sure you're covered head to toe.
  2. Wear white, and then just add spots. Throw on a white T-shirt with white pants (even sweatpants) and stick on your spots using black paper. You can cut spots out of construction paper and tape them to your shirt and pants. If nothing else, you can grab an old white T-shirt and color black spots all over it with a marker - and you'll still get a FREE entrée.
  3. Not feeling too creative and want an easy costume? Search the Internet for "cow costumes" and you will be flooded with full-body costumes available for purchase. (And hey, you'll be set for Halloween, too!)

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