Tuesday, February 4, 2014

TurboTax.com will give you 10% of your tax refund in Amazon Gift Cards

Ready to do your taxes? Have all of your W-2's in the mail? Now all you have to do is decide which online tax company to use to fill out your taxes (unless you have complicated tax returns,  online is definitely the way to go, and it's EASY).

This year one great option is to use TurboTax.com because they will give you up to 10% BONUS refund in the form of amazon gift cards. Here are the details:

So who is this deal good for?

Anyone, who uses Amazon.com to shop! I would suggest redeeming an amount of your refund equivalent to how much you think you will spend shopping at Amazon.com for the year....So if you think you will spend $1,000 at amazon this year, choose to have $1,000 of your refund go towards amazon gift cards that way you'll get $1,100 in gift cards...that's $100 free at Amazon.com.

Don't think you would use this deal?

HERE is a previous blog post about how to get a Free federal AND State tax return if you are eligible.

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