Thursday, November 28, 2013

FREE Amazon Prime Membership for 1 year! - AMEX

American Express has recently offered several cards that includes a free 1 year membership for amazon prime! Here are the cards that include the offer:

  • Blue Cash Everyday -- NO annual fee, $50 bonus, 3% cashback on groceries, 2% on gas. 
  • Blue Cash Preferred -- $75 annual fee, $100 bonus, 6% cashback on groceries, 3% on gas. 
  • Platinum Card -- $450 annual fee, $250 bonus, $200 airline credit, and free airport lounge access. 
  • Business Gold Rewards -- No annual fee for the first year, then $175 after that, $300 bonus.
This is great  timing for the holidays. You can actually apply for the credit card and once you are approved, you'll get your card number so you can sign-up for amazon prime the same day. 

The Amazon prime membership is a $79 value which includes free 2-day shipping, amazon movies/shows, free lending library, etc. With this membership you can also share the 2-day shipping with up to 4 family members. 

I don't like to pay annual fees so, I would say go with Blue Cash Everyday which will never have an annual fee. If you know how to leverage the other benefits then the other cards could be a good option also. I actually just got the Blue Cash preferred because I was able to get the annual fee waived because I'm a member of the military. 

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Carter's and Oshkosh B'Gosh 50% off EVERYTHING.

UPDATE: Dead. Hope everyone had a good black friday and congrats to those that snagged this deal!

There are so many Black Friday deals and promos that it's hard to keep track of them all. I have 2 children that are 1 and 3, so when I saw that Carter's and Oshkosh B'Gosh were having an awesome Black Friday sale going on, I had to jump on it.

  • The DEAL: 50% off everything site wide -- no coupon code required. 
  • PLUS: get another 20% off orders over $40 using promo code: CARTSAVE
  • Also, orders over $50 will come with free shipping. 

You will be able to enter the promo code during check-out on the page where you put in your billing information.

Carter's seems to have better deals and I think the clothes are just as good so I shopped at Carter's.

Want more Savings?

  1. Create an account at (they are an awesome online cash back portal...basically you'll earn $$$ for doing the shopping that you normally do). 
  2. Select receiving a gift card for a free $10 at Walmart, Macy's, Target, or Kohl's. You'll get your gift card after using No, this is not a scam and you'll actually the gift card. 
  3. Search "Carter's" or "Oshkosh B'Gosh" and you'll see that Ebates will give you 3% cash back when you go to Carter's website via the link on 
  4. Your cash back will show up on your Ebates account after a week or so. If you do all of your online shopping starting from Ebates, you'll end up getting a pretty good amount of cash back. My order came to $140 so I'll get a little over $4 cash back on.
Here are a few of things you can find for great prices:

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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Small Businesses Saturday - free $10

Have an American express credit? Registration for "Small Business Saturday" just opened today. Once you register your card you can use that card at participating small businesses on NOV. 30th and you'll receive a $10 credit to your account. So if you spend exactly $10, that purchase will be completely free. If you spend $14, that purchase would in effect cost you $4.

  • Registration is limited so do it right away. 
  • Multiple american express cards can be used. So if you have 4 cards you can get $40 of credit statements... Another benefit of having many credit cards.
  • Here are other FAQ's
  • This has been an annual event so if you misses out or don't have an American express card, plan now and gets some cards. 
  • Here's a MAP of participating small businesses.

Some people have purchased gift cards at participating locations for $10 so they get the whole purchase refunded and so they can use it on a different day other than Nov. 30th. For example, if you have 3 different registered cards and a participating restaurant sells gift cards, you could purchase 3 separate $10 gift cards that can be used on a different day. 

As always, credit cards are ONLY beneficial for those that can wisely use credit cards.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

$75 from Discover


Right now Discover's 5% cash back for the quarter is for ONLINE purchases. You can get 5% cash back on up to $1,500 of spending. If you reach the $1,500 of spending before Jan 1, 2014 you will get the full $75. With the holiday season coming up, that might be pretty easy for many of you by making purchases on:
  • Pretty much ANY online purchase
NOTE: purchases NOT included: airlines, cruises, car rentals, hotels, utility bills, government products, and tuition. 


Don't Spend that Much???

If you don't plan on spending that much or want a simple way to get the $75, don't worry. Here is a simple, fast way to do that:

Amazon Payments - You can charge your card $1,000 per account every month. Just send your spouse, friend, etc. $1,000 and have them do the same.

Don't Have a Discover Card?

Hurry and apply for one, so you can start earning you free $75. You should get it within a couple of weeks if you apply today. Plus when you sign up with the link from this post, you'll get an extra $50 for just getting the card. It's actually a great card to have. I've racked up $300+ in various cash back deals like the one on this post over the last year.

APPLY HERE For Extra $50:
 Apply Here

Disclaimer: I never recommend getting a credit card if you don't pay it off in full every month and/or are not wise with how you use it.

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