Thursday, July 25, 2013

Kindle Fire HD - Only $129

If you've ever wanted a kindle fire, right now would be a good time to get one. has them on sale plus you can get an extra $30 off the sale price. Here are the prices:

When you click on the links above you'll notice that the price is $30 more than what I'm saying the price is. Here's how you get the additional $30 off:
  1. Add the kindle to your cart
  2. Click "continue to cart"
  3. Click "add/edit coupons"
  4. Enter coupon code 41178
You'll get free shipping with the order also!

This will give you an extra $30 off the already discounted kindle. Hurry, this probably won't last very long. 

  • Remember to use you Ink Bold/Plus for an additional 5% off the order.
  • Plus, if you sign up for the Staples rewards program, you'll get an extra 5% in rewards.  

Wanna save even more??? Use this method I've posted about to get an extra 2%-3% cash back on top of everything else mentioned. Wait...wanna save an extra 0.25%? Use this method also!

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