Thursday, August 15, 2013

Update: Free *Print*Copy &*Color Paper at Staples (August 10-17)

About every 2 weeks staples comes out with rebate offers for FREE STUFF. This week you can get free copy, print and colored paper! Click "read more" below to learn how

1.) The rebate coupons can be accessed by clicking HERE
2.) Click the boxes in the upper right hand corner to print.
3.) Go to Store and Buy the Paper
4.) Fill out the rebates online HERE (only takes about 1 minute).
5.) Choose if you want to receive rebate check in the mail or paypal deposit
6.) Wait a couple and you get your money back!!

My wife and I haven't paid for copy paper since we have been married. We have a stack of about 5-6 packets of "photo plus paper" that we have started to give to friends that print more photos then us. 

Another benefit of doing this is you can use you Chase Bold or Plus card to get 5% back and get extra points for free. 

These rebates expire August 17 (saturday) but don't worry if you miss them, they'll be new ones in a week or two :) So if you don't mind filling out rebates (which you can do online at very quickly) this is a great deal!!

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