Sunday, June 2, 2013

Save Money on Your Energy Bill

Home energy bills (heat, AC, lights, etc.) are a major expense for most people. A lot of energy companies will subsidize you home energy bill depending on your income. Many people are eligible, but simply don't know about these subsidies. Eligibility is usually based on 1) Income and 2) # of people in your home. So most often students qualify, those with low income, or if you have a large family. Generally you'll have to fill out a simple short form or make a phone call to enroll. I live in Phoenix and these are the two main energy companies:

SRP - $17 - $21 off your monthly bill.
APS - 26% - 65% off your monthly bill. The lower the energy you use the higher the % discount, so this encourages less energy use because it gives a greater % discount.

Other examples include:

PG&E - 20% off monthly bill
SCE - 20% off monthly bill

You'll have to check with your energy company by calling or doing a search online, but there is a good chance your energy company does have a subsidized rate. Might as well see if you are eligible

In addition to monthly discounts on your bill, many off these companies will provide rebates, discounts, etc. for more energy efficient appliances, insulation, AC units, solar power, to even giving away trees (in AZ shade is important!), etc.

Most these subsidies come from the state or federal government, which I personally believe is very over extended on the programs they fund. However, I also believe that if you are eligible for something, it is wise to take advantage of those opportunities.

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