Saturday, June 22, 2013

Buy one MOVIE ticket, get the second FREE

Fandango/VISA Friday Night Movie's - BOGO Offer

Alright, so this offer has been around for a couple of months, but I didn't think to write about it because.

  1. I don't watch movies that often.
  2. I already have lots of free movie tickets from the cereal deal earlier this year. 
 However, most people go to the movies every once in a while, so this deal is definitely worth posting. Every Friday night you can buy one movie ticket and get the second free.

  • Movie must be on a FRIDAY
  • Offer ends Aug. 2nd
  • Offer will only work with credit cards that are VISA SIGNATURE. Your card will say "visa signature" on the back. HERE is a list of cards that qualify. 
  • If you use this offer more than once in a 30 day period, you have to use a different visa signature card. 
HERE is the link to the offer. Enjoy!

Some movies that are out or coming soon:

Superman - Man of Steal
Monsters University
White House Down
Despicable Me 2
The Wolverine

What movies are you excited to see? 

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