Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Google Wallet

Google Wallet Invite

UPDATE: Fee's are now accessed when sending money. NO LONGER FREE. It was good while it lasted! Some have reported that new users can send up to $250 for free still.

Google just recently came out with a cool new feature. You can now send money as an attachment to anyone! You can send this money from a debit or credit card or from your google wallet account balance. Sending money from a debit card or from your google wallet account balance is always free, but there is a 2.9% fee for sending money from a credit card. HOWEVER, that 2.9% is temporarily being dropped so it is free so send money to others (spouse, family members, friends, etc.) by using your credit card. Who knows how long this will last...maybe a couple months or so. This will make it even easier to reaching your spending limits to get credit card bonuses or to rack up extra points or miles on your credit cards.

  • This is still new so I'm not sure the max you can send, but I would maybe stick to not sending amounts over $1000 at a time. 
  • To enable the send money feature, you will first need to be "invited" by someone else. This is done by someone else sending you a payment. If you would like to use this feature, send me an email at mythirteencents@gmail.com and I'll send you $0.01 and then it will work for you. 
    • Also, please subscribe to this blog, leave a comment,  +1 on google+, or "LIKE" this blog on facebook if you want an invite
  • Here is a a little OVERVIEW of the new feature. 
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