Friday, April 12, 2013

Ikea Free food this weekend

UPDATE: Ikea will do this promotion every once in a while so keep an eye on their web page for this offer.

Okay, so you have to make a purchase to get the food, but if you're going to go shopping at Ikea anyways then you could consider it free.

Going on this weekend on Saturday and Sunday (April 13th and 14th)

Here's a link to Ikea with the promotion.

From their website:
 How it works
1. Purchase your meal in our Restaurant. 
2. Receive a coupon with your receipt. 
3. Give your coupon and receipt to the Check-outs cashier and receive the total amount of your meal deducted from your purchase of over $150.

So if you were planning on making a purchase at Ikea, head there this weekend for free food. I believe Ikea does this once or twice every month so keep on eye on their website if you want to try and go another time. You could also call them to find out their up coming schedule. 

We did this last time the promotion was going on except we only had to spend $100. We didn't know the offer was going on before we went, but it was fun. I ask if there was a limit to how much food you can get. Answer: get as much as you want, you just are not supposed take any thing out of the store with you. So you can get all the food you want and for as many people in your group as you want. So the bigger your family/group the more awesome the deal. We ended up spending over $40 on food last time which is a lot in Ikea food. 

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