Wednesday, March 6, 2013

FREE Passive Cash Back - LIMITED TIME

Great Bridge Group

UPDATE: They should still be accepting certain demographics, so sign up before it's too late. Here's the first follow up. 

A friend of mine, Bobby, recently told me about a new consumer research company called "Great Bridge Group." They collect consumers credit and debit card transaction data and use it for their research and marketing. They have only been around for a short period, are still in beta, and are still  expanding their research panal.

In brief:

What THEY get from you: Your credit or debit transaction information for their research.

What YOU get from them: They will give you 0.25% of all your transaction up to $60 every 3 months. That can add up to $240 every year.

Here are the key points:
  • They promise to keep your information anonymous and secure. They use Yodlee, which is used by Paypal, Citi,, and hundreds of other financial institutions to process your secure information. 
  • They will pay your payout every 3 months. This is a long time, but the first people that have signed up have reported that they are getting paid. I waited to hear from other users about receiving their payout before making this post to make sure it's legit. 
  • They will pay you via paypal or amazon gift cards. Default payout is amazon gift cards, so I would change that once you create your account. 
  • If you don't have that many transactions, you won't get much cash from them as 0.25% is not that much, but all you have to do is link your cards and nothing else. Even a couple of dollars every few months is cool. 
Check out their website and FAQ's for more information. 

YOU can still enroll, but who knows how long they will keep it open. As of right now, they say you can be guaranteed a spot until MARCH 8th. Because it's a market research panel, they only need a certain amount of each type of demographic so slots may fill up quick for some types.  

You may be apprehensive about providing your login information to a new company and that's understandable. I've researched it and think that it is a legit and pretty cool company. I've emailed them and they also responded very quickly to my emails. If you don't want to register your card yet, just create an account now to guarantee a spot on the panel. You can always link your cards later.

Also if you sign up via the link below you will get a bonus $5 just for signing up and linking a card.

Sign up >>>HERE<<<

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