Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Cheap Internet

EVERYONE has the internet right? What do you pay for your internet? You can probably get it for a lot cheaper. Here are somethings that I have found to get the cheapest internet:

  • Switch between internet providers every 6 months. Yes, this can be a hassle, but it can actually save you hundreds of dollars a year. For example, Cox and Centurylink where I live have $14.99 or $19.99 offers going on all the time. You could just jump from one promotional offer to the next. 
    • There are even incentives to sign up or comeback to an internet provider. Like THIS offer: currently Centurylink will give you $100 visa card to switch back to them or if you are a new customer. 
  • By just calling to cancel, you can also get a huge discount on your bill. You can also just call to ask for a cheaper price. Call and ask to speak with the "retention department" and tell them you want a cheaper price. If you know the price that you could get with another company, tell them and they will be much more likely to give you a cheaper discount. For example, when I called they immediately offered $10 off my bill, but I told them the price I was going to get with another company and they dropped the price down another $15 and kept my internet speed the same. You can always call again and talk to another customer service rep. or a manager
  • CenturyLink has a low income internet/internet basic application that is very good. Check it out HERE to see if you qualify. 
    • If you qualify you can get:
      • 1.5 mpbs for $9.99
      • 3-7mpbs for $14.99 
      • 12 mpbs for $19.99 
  • Bundling might also help get you a cheaper price, but I don't need a landline and bundling almost always includes a phone service. This makes the price much more expensive for me. 
I don't have satellite or cable so these things might be easier/best for those that only want internet service. 

So what do I pay? I have 20mpbs speed internet for $27/month including taxes/fees with Cox. This will last me a year and then I may switch to Centurylink and their low income/internet basic pricing. Maybe you pay less than that? Tell us what speed you have, what you pay, and how you got the price in the comments!

UPDATE: I now have CenturyLink Internet Basics (see above) and pay $16.44 a month. This gets me 7mpbs and is fast enough to play video such as netflix. 

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  1. How about "live with your in-laws and use their internet?" Totally free. Ahem. In the past, I've missed out on getting a cheaper bill because I didn't want to call after the year was up. Too chicken. Wasted money! Thanks for this post!

  2. Yes, that is a very good way to get internet! There is a wifi source (from a neighbor I guess) that actually works pretty good in our home. Sometimes it works better than the internet we pay for. go figure.

    Switching internet providers can definitely be a hassle and not always worth the time and energy, Calling and asking to talk to the reconsideration department is a good way to at least lower your payment without switching providers. A lot less hassle then switching providers and it should a least get you a lower price for a year or so. At least this has been MY experience...


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