Sunday, February 17, 2013

Get $50 from Discover

Discover card is actually an AWESOME card to have. I've had one for over 3 years. The $50 bonus is not as big as other credit cards, but the card has a lot of good benefits.

Discover it

  • 5% rotating cash back on select categories. It's good to have several cards with this feature because you can do some cool money saving/money generating tricks. 
  • There are NO crazy fees. Discover has good customer service which I have been very satisfied with. It also has all of the other travel, fraud, extended warrenty, insurance, and other benefits. 
  • There are certain promotional offers with each of the credit card companies that happen periodically, so it is nice to have one of each card (Discover, AMEX, Mastercard, Visa). For example, I have currently been offered $250 from Discover if I spend a certain amount of money. Reaching spending limits is easy as I mentioned with Amazon Payments and another useful method that I will write about in an upcoming post.  
  • Discover has a Send Money feature that lets you send money to family or friends AND they give you cash back on those transactions. There is NO OTHER card that will do this. So you can send money to your wife or husband every month and you will be getting cash back on those transactions. 
  • The card LOOKS really cool! 

To get the $50 bonusSign up >> HERE <<

p.s. If you already have a discover card, I would recommend calling discover and changing over to the NEW "Discover it" card because you will get better cash back with the newer card. This is what I did. Your account stays the same and you keep the same account number and everything, they just send you a new card and switch you to the new program.

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