Friday, February 8, 2013

Discounted Gift Cards

There are many sites that buy and sell gift cards. Buying discounted gift cards is a great way to stack your savings. I've been using these sites for a while and I know my mom uses them too as she gave me the suggestion to make this post (there's nothing cooler than a shout out to your mom!).

--Discounts range from 2%-30%
--You can get almost any gift card out, restaurants, clothing, name it.
--Available as physical gift cards or e-cards.
--Comes with FREE shipping.
--I would recommend only getting gift cards to places you plan on going already.

Here are some popular sites: 

EXTRA SAVINGS??? You can even purchase from via (click HERE for previous post on this).

So here is an example of how I stack my savings when I shop at home depot.

2% cash back when I start at + 7% discount at to get a used gift card + 1.5% cashback using a rewards credit card to make my purchase + any other home depot coupons or discounts (I have a 10% military discount that I can use every time)

Total discount = 20.5%

I also shop at walmart: 2% + 5% + 1.5% = 8.5%

You can do this type of thing at a lot of stores.

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