Sunday, February 10, 2013

Bonus $400 NFL card

Barclays Extra Points Credit Card is currently offering a bonus of $400 after spending $2500 in the first 3 months. Don't spend that much in 3 months? Here is an easy way that I have used to reach that spending requirement through Amazon Payments.

I'm not really an NFL fan, but I still got this card cause I'll get $400 free. Why not?

  • $400 is rewarded via account credits over $25.
  • If you credit score is above 700 and no other major problems with your credit score, you'll most likely get approved instantly. 
  • There is no annual fee so you can keep it after getting the bonus if you want. If you don't have that many credit cards you might as well keep it to help build your credit history/age. 
  • Have a spouse? They can sign up too! That's $800 in bonus.
  • If you are not WISE with your credit cards, NO bonus is big enough in the long run. Getting into debt is NEVER worth it. 
  • Your spouse can sign up too for a total of $800 (but remember you have to get that spending limit)
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