Sunday, January 13, 2013

Swag Bucks

How often do you use a search engine? You probably "google it" when you do want to find something. is a search engine that is like google, bing, yahoo, etc. However, with swagbucks you can earn swagbucks that can be used to get gift cards and other things. Ways to earn swagbucks:

-Searching - you will be randomly awarded swagbucks while searching. I usually only get 1 or 2 awards in a day. NOTE: when you search the first few results are advertisements.
-Filling out different polls, survey's etc. I find this is a waste of time and NOT worth the time.
-Games, tasks, shopping, and other promotional offers.
-Coupons - if you use coupons you can print them from and earn extra points
-Refering friends - when you create your account you can refer others via a link. When they search and get swag bucks, you will get a matching amount. So if you have someone else in your family, have them create an account using your referal link and stay logged-in under that new account that way you will basically earn DOUBLE the amount of swagbucks. Cool.

I think it is wise not to spend any time trying to do things to earn swagbucks. Just do your normal searches to earn them, otherwise the time is not worth it. I have also used the coupons a couple of times and it worked nicely.

How much do you earn by just searching? I don't search a ton, but I get about $5 a month in amazon gift cards. Not a lot, but over time it's not bad for doing something that I already do.

When redeeming your swagbucks, the best bang for your buck is to get the $5 amazon gift card.

I don't always like searching with swagbucks because it's not as user friendly as google or bing. If you don't like using the swagbuck engine, BING also has a "bing buck" program you can use. Bing is more user friendly,  but the points you get will not be nearly as much as swagbucks.

So sign up today at or with BING

Here's a little video tutorial showing a little how swag bucks works:

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  1. Cool, Christian! I'm liking the blog.

  2. Thanks, if you guys have any ideas let me know...I have a lot of stuff right now, but I don't want to just post it all at once. You know?


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