Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Do You Shop Online? - FREE cash back


Do you ever shop online? Of course you do. Well, many people don't know this but you can get FREE cash back on almost all of your online purchases. Cash back will generally come in the 1%-15% range and you usually get the cash back via paypal or a check.

Here are some of the sites that are widely used:

Mr. Rebate - you'll a $5 registration bonus
Ebates -- you'll get $10 to walmart or target after you spend $25.

There are many more, but these are ones I have used. It does takes several weeks for the cash back to become available to withdraw and you MUST make your purchase by going through their site first. I would recommend using TopCashBack because it offers the best deals over all. But you can use them all, especially at least once to get the sign up bonuses.

You will be surprised, that almost any site can be found. You name the site you shop on and you can probably get cash back. Popular sites to get cash back:

Best Buy

What's great is that this cash back is STACKABLE, meaning you can get this additional cash back on all other discounts or offers you have.

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