Stuff I use: 

  • Taxes: TurboTax - my taxes have been pretty straight forward so I have never needed to pay anyone.  Turbotax's tax estimator or calculator is also very useful.  

  • This (for making blogposts, charts, etc.,), Godaddy (domain). I'm pretty cheap and I don't want to put much money into something that doesn't have much revenue.  

  • Affiliate Links:,, and This is how I make my $200 a month from this site.  

Blogroll: - Top-notch resource for learning about how to create a blog, website, write an e-book, and all things for online business. Once you start reading, you'll be there for hours. - Retire early, live minimally, and finding happiness in the right places - Awesome example of early retirement with a real life feel. Joe is very open about his finances. - Learn amazing ways to pay as little taxes as possible and grow your money on your journey to financial independence - I'm a dentist (almost) so I can relate to this site. - Savings, taxes, investing, etc. Another amazing resource for anyone, but really made for doctors. - Investing made simple - More advanced credit card hacking, manufacture spend, etc. 


  1. Thanks for sharing about the mechanics of your blog. For those of us over age 65, computers are often a source of marvel and irritation at the same time. Same with the technology of blogging. can be a real PITA. Glad to see how you're making a few hundred a month with bloodspot. I place all of my free money (credit cards, blogging (someday), into L3 (Dividend Paying Stocks) and let it grow. Keep the good news flowing!

    1. You're welcome! I'll do my best to update this page several times every year.

  2. Christian...
    I'm surprised you are not using/marketing products with I understand that is one of the best affiliates you can have. Have you tired it? Any results? Or...does it not work with blogger. See Bob Wells great blog site: for someone who uses Amazon apprently with good results.

    1. I've put amazon ads on my site before on side bars/bottom of posts. I didn't generate any success so I took them off since it was just an eye sore. However, I don't write articles with the intent to make money. If I have an article that happens to work well with an affiliate link, then yes, I'll include it. I don't spend enough time on this blog trying to look for ways to monetize it and I don't feel it is big enough to do so yet. If the popularity on this site increase more dramatically, I would probably put more time into finding ways to monetize.

  3. Thanks for the info on passport photos. We had some taken this past summer but made a mistake on filing the passport form and only got passport cards not a passport book. The passport cards are not good for flying overseas only for border travel into Canada or Mexico. Did not want to spend full price again.


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