Friday, August 28, 2015

Cheapest way to send a fax online for free

I hate the fax machine. I would much prefer sending something via email. For some reason unknown to me we are stuck with the fax for the time being. I think within the next 30 years it will be obsolete. The problem is, unless you have a fax machine at home you may have to go to staples or office max and pay some outrageous price to fax a few pages. To hopefully avoid that, here are a few of the cheapest ways to send a fax online.

1.) FaxZero

  • This is by far my favorite. It is simple and FREE. You don't have to sign up for an account or make a password, etc. All you do is put in your name, phone number, email and the name and fax number you are trying to reach. Here is a screenshot

2.) Everyone else. These other options might be better if you need a personal fax number or need to receive faxes.
  • SmartFax - gives a 30 day free trial. After that it is $7/month
  • MyFax - gives a 30 day free trial as well. After that it is $10/month
  • eFax - $15/month. They do have a free version that lets you receive up to 10 faxes per month. 
  • k7 - is free for incoming and outgoing faxes. But you have to send/receive a fax every 30 days or your account will be deleted. 

There are a lot of other online fax companies that I didn't cover. If you find a good one feel free to post about it below. 


  1. Hi all! is a great online faxing option! Great price and great service.

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  4. That days are gone when people used to use fax machines for sending and receiving information. In recent days trend of online faxing is increasing day by day and the two tools about which you have provided information are very useful to easily use of online faxing.

  5. The Internet is reshaping each type of correspondences medium, and faxing is no exemption. Fax Broadcast


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