Sunday, January 18, 2015

Cheapest Place To Get Passport Photos

My wife and I will be traveling out of the country this summer and her passport needed to be updated. I just did a little research on where the cheapest locations are and i'd like to share it with you.

Lets go in order from Cheapest to Most Expensive

  1. Costco: $5.
    • You get 4 passport photos.
    • If you are not a member, its okay. All you have to do it buy a Costco gift card online. Having a Costco gift card is the same as having a membership card. 
  2. Sams Club: $5
    1. You get 2 passport photos
  3. Walmart: $7.50
    • You get 2 passport photos
  4. Rite Aid: $8 (with coupon)
    • You get 2 passport photos
    • $1 off coupon here
  5. CVS: $10 (with coupon)
    • You get 2 passport photos
    • print $2 off coupon here
  6. Walgreens: $12
    • You get 2 passport photos
  7. UPS store: $13
    • You get 2 passport photos
  8. Local Post Office: $15
    • This is convenient because you can go to the post office to do passport paperwork but not the best price.
  9. Fedex: $15-17
    • You get 2 passport photos

Go to Costco or Sam's Club for the cheapest price. If you don't have a membership you can try and buy a discounted gift card there online. I bought a $50 Costco gift card online for $48.50 and used that. All the places only take about five minutes to process the photos.


  1. Sam's clubs passport photos were the wrong size according to the County Clerks standards which caused a delay for processing my first time passport app in a timely manner.Thanks a lot Sam's club.I know where not to go for passport photos!!!!

  2. Costco stopped doing passport photos several months ago.

    1. Just got one today. Maybe just your local costco.

  3. I would like to add one more name in the list that is Paspic. It is the best destination to get online passport photos. They have 90% approval rate.

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