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Can I get approved for a credit card if I don't have a job?

The Ultimate Guide to getting a credit card for spouses that have no income and no (or little) credit history
Problem: You want to get approved for a credit card, but you are a stay-at-home mom (or dad) and don't have an income and/or you don't have any credit history.

So really, I've presented 2 problems:

1. Not having a credit history...or maybe you don't even know if you have a credit history
2. Not having an income because your spouse is the wage earner

These 2 things are very important because this is basically all the banks will look at when deciding to approve your credit card application or not.
How to look up your credit score  My favorite resource for looking up my credit score is

It's completely free, does not ask for payment informationYou can get an updated credit score every week. It will also give you a credit report (a credit report is different than a credit score).

Even if you've never had a credit card before, that does not m…

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